Aftermarket radio rear speakers not working

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if it still doesn't work then it's either the stereo or speakers. We just bought this rig so I never got to play with the rear radio. I am told that the front speakers started to smoke when the AMP was wired into the new system. Front Speakers Using a pick tool or other small tool, remove the plastic piece on the inside of the door handle. It worked with the last aftermarket stereo i had in but not working now. (When you select a receiver, the crutchfield site should link to the Scosche adaptor in the "Installation Details" tab. Ok, the bad: The front door and front center speakers work great, the rear speakers are really faint. My installer had trouble working with all the wires and getting my radio to work - presumably because i fucked it up in the first place when I originally It's not under the 2nd row seats, or in the center console. does anybody know how to keep the factory subwoofer working with a aftermarket radio? and is it a good idea to use the factory amplifier to pwer the rest of the speakers or use the aftermarket radios amplifier to power the speakers? if that is even possible. In that instance, you can swap the head unit to whatever you would like. Check the rear entertainment to ensure it is turned off. Any ideas what the problem could be and the solution? I'm not that into sound. Upgrading your Z31 Tunes isn't a hard job but will take some work to do it correctly. Can I just buy something that fits in the radio Audio: Basic radio with cassette player - 4 speakers - 1 in each of doors Problem: Rear speakers do not work - when I use the fader; no sound comes out of the rear speakers - no distortion or tearing sound - zero output. . I ended up buying 3 speakers and replacing those in the vehicle. In fact, there are several performance advantages to keeping the factory radio that you could never get with an aftermarket radio. Bose speakers can not be replaced with aftermarket speakers. Mini Cooper 2007-2013: How to Install Stereo Upgrades. com and Answerbag. This radio does not have a k-line connection, but rather has a CAN-high and CAN-low. Had a friend with a good speaker and we removed one of the door panels and hooked up the good speaker. I have an 08 and same concerns and dreams. If you bought an aftermarket radio, that would rule out the radio. Went with a set of kenwood 3-ways that Best Buy had. If you plan on doing it yourself, the wires a very thin, be careful separating the covering, and then tie in the wires for your new Front door speakers not working - need help with amp setup! the remote wire that runs from the amp to the radio. Two front speakers and two rear speakers. Results 1 to 13 of 13 Thread: If you have an aftermarket radio in it you may want to check that out. It's pretty easy to tell when car speakers blow out if you're there when it happens because you'll immediately notice that they stop working or no longer sound normal. Struggling to get radio-casts working on it, your wonderful article gave me the vital clue: Flash blocked. There is a CD changer in the back (which I'm not bothered about as I'll only be using a jack from my phone) - but if that got working too then all the better. rear speakers wires which caused a spark and automatically sound was gone from  1 Jan 2009 I will need to rig an amp setup to my aftermarket radio to install these . It will be useful when installing a stereo sound system, aftermarket headunit radio, or other automotive accessories. I discovered that the rear woofers would not work unless I connected the blue wire from the radio to the antenna connection on the harness which turns on the power amp. If the system is going to use multiple aftermarket amplifiers for front/rear and  Location of the stock speakers and radio. 5" Infinity speakers in the front and coaxial 6. Q: Replaced alternator, now aftermarket radio will not turn on. Hi guys, Girlfriend so kindly pointed out to me that my front speakers are no longer working. If you get to the point that you have the rear panel off, you can always go to Walmart and get a cheap pair of speakers and install them to see if they work, this will help isolate the problem to see if the speakers are not blown. When I turn on the car and turn the radio on, no speakers work but the radio is working. Aftermarket Radiowhat features I have a 96 Bose gold, speakers are fine amps are fine cd sounds great and is very strong. feeding all front/rear channels into my JL Audio Fix86 and Amps). You turn it off and on at the rear entertainment console. The OS-2Bose® does not retain the factory XM receiver, rear seat DVD or the rear center console controls. Ultra Classic Rear Speakers (1996 to 1997) speakers not working hi i recently bought a fiat scudo 05 but after unlocking the radio, there was no sound from the speakers. My installation of the face plate sucks but i have satellite and navigation and the truck has 206k miles on it so it's not a cherry by any means. (2 Front door tweeters, 4 door speakers, and 2 speakers in the rear ceiling) When I first connected my aftermarket Sony stereo, my rear door speakers where not working. If a factory installed amplifier is not present use the non-amplified factory audio location. I would check each of these speakers and confirm which speakers are out. Recently the Bass in my rear speakers have stopped working when they are balanced evenly. Do I have to by pass all that stuff in order to use a new radio or can I continue to use them? Any tips and advice would be appreciate. If you're more of a bass person, consider just adding on a woofer or subwoofer to your pre-existing sound system. 1999 Honda Accord Car Audio Installation Guide Whether your an expert Honda Accord mobile electronics installer, Honda Accord fanatic, or a novice Honda Accord enthusiast with a 1999 Honda Accord, a car stereo wiring diagram can save yourself a lot of time. I have a 2016 street glide cvo. You can maybe get audio from the rear screen on the aftermarket radio if you locate the audio wires behind the radio. When installing headrest speakers into cars that came without these from the factory, you will need to run the cables down through the seat backs and into a harness that plugs into the factory radio (or connect them to the rear speaker outputs on aftermarket head units). For the wires connection, please refer to the following guides and picture. If he is using the PAC piece, he needs to make sure he is running the front outputs from the aftermarket head unit to the rear inputs on the PAC piece. Checking Bose Speakers. 8. com. What accessories (aftermarket) are you using in conjunction with your radio, if any? Is this an OEM radio, or an aftermarket radio that you are using? I'm a bit perplexed at your situation, as the front speakers have the crossovers built-in to the tweeters, and they are working the rears are independent of the front speakers. Existing wires could work with an aftermarket radio and speakers, but not with an aftermarket amp. The front speakers are not working at all. For my Panasonic unit, I hooked up the front speaker outputs to the rear speaker inputs of the stock amplifier. One day it stopped working. If the aftermarket radio to be installed does not have a dedicated center channel or sub output do not use this cable. The original radio/tape player appears to be the Infinity III system, according to articles here. a quick video on why your rear door speakers may not be working on your late 90's gmc/chevy suv. It is a good idea to give the speakers a visual inspection for water or for physical damage to the paper cone. An email came in through the customer support address asking for some help with a door speaker that wasn't working. the harness adapter and plug in your aftermarket head unit, there will not actually be any  10 May 2019 Problem: Installed An Aftermarket Head Unit and Now It Has No Power If your speakers randomly stopped working and you noticed that your . Both of my front speakers quite working in my car. I hooked my aftermarket stereo up. they are usually the first to go. Just remove the old version and plug in and remount for a PLUG & PLAY install. See our video for "Installing Aftermarket Speakers". The fade and balance are set in the middle. I want to use the amp of my aftermarket head unit to power the main speakers. I have checked all connections, back of stereo, speakers, and even tested the speakers on another 4 ohm setup. If you had the radio replaced with another factory radio, your problem could still reside in your radio. Id like the nav sounds to go to all 6 speakers and the rear dvd player only play through the headphones. Dent Time - San Diego Dent & Bumper Repair 479,631 views There are a few things that can cause a car radio to suddenly stop working, but it’s tough to say exactly what your problem is without knowing some more information. How do i use all the speakers? How can I tell if the back speakers are working when it's The rear speakers in my 2000 Grand Prix GTP aren't working. You can always take the speakers back and get you money back . The radio puts out a line-level(low-level) signal to the amplifier thru the big black harness. Please clarify this last part a little more Aftermarket head unit installed, rear speakers don't work the rear door speakers, may need to bypass the amp but like i said, I am not 100% sure, someone told me I have a 99 suburban ls. 2004 Dodge Caravan Speakers Not Working - One of our family friends have a 2004 Dodge Caravan with 6-speaker non-Infinity system. when tuning your amp turn everything down on the I have a 2017 Frontier, that has a am/fm satellite radio with cd player. No sound from speakers, head unit lights up and CD plays. Replace the amp with a used one bought off ebay or a junkyard 2. I highly suspect that you've a loose wire going to your stereo especially if someone has wired in a aftermarket stereo. We eventually added an amp to power the interior speakers, an amp to power one 12 inch MTX sub and it sounds dope. org Rear Door Speaker Replacement Speakers Not Working: ONLY TWEETERS WORK! 2003 - 2006 (This car stereo is VIN Locked) Car Radio Removal Front Door Panel and Speaker Removal Front Side Pillar Tweeter Removal Rear Side Panel and Speaker Removal Poor Reception - Antenna Replacement and Inspection 30/40/50 series tractors we carry a easy solution to replace your radio. The rear speakers from the minivans can be quite surprising, as the onboard amps are equalized and attenuated for the larger interiors in those vehicles. The speakers were installed in such a way that the original grills could be retained, making the front and rear speakers in this Jeep Wrangler look factory. If there is still no sound, further troubleshooting is needed. The drivers tweeter on the pillar and all of the passenger speakers work all the time. I would grab a If you are using the factory amplifier, you will not have fade control. The vast majority of all of the stations are static now. The calls come through the trucks speakers no problem. NO, the fader is not set all the way to the front speakers. The rear door and sub are working great. Bose speaker are rarely defective. Hope this helps. Swap suspect speakers to a known working enclosure for testing. Both front and rear speakers are stock. . A phasing problem with speakers is very simple to fix, but can significantly degrade your . This problem only affects the radio. Or its possible that the rear channels in the factory radio could be not working. Pick up a line level converter for $20. Would it still sound good with the stock head unit  13 Mar 2010 There is not a fuse for the front speakers. I already have an aftermarket radio I bought years ago but I'm now installing an android auto radio. It can be modified to work with all stock stereos, but you may ne I will show you how to do this with an aftermarket head unit (stereo). I intend to use the radio's rear high-level outputs as inputs for an aftermarket amp. it will obviously cause the speaker level outputs to quit working but in some . Here are 16 best answers to ‘Why won't my car's front speakers work after installing an aftermarket radio?’ - the most relevant comments and solutions are submitted by users of Wikihow. FYI several people have suggested that since the rear speakers are 2 ohm, this would cause your HU to overheat. i have oem radio and cd changer when listening from fm stations, all speakers are working, when switched to cd mode, only the rear 6x9 speakers aren't Rear 6x9 speakers not working - The Acura Legend & Acura RL Forum Buy PAC RP5-GM31 Radio Replacement Interface With Built-In OnStar Retention/Steering Wheel Control Retention/Navigation Outputs for Select GM LAN Vehicles: Radio Accessories - Amazon. Hey What's up so uhh i got a 1998 chevy tahoe 4 door LT 4x4 but the f***in rear roof speakers are not working here is what i have if u are curious: Stereo: Stock OEM Delco Electronics Radio With Cassette and Single-Cd Player. It is the front and rear speakers on the left side. The front speakers sounded great when they weren't But will say that although Amazon's vehicle fitment guide said these would not work on my '99 Chevrolet Suburban C1500 LT (old body style) they were wrong!, As they will fit perfect for the front door speakers and front door armrest tweeters and for the rear side door speakerswith no issuesagain plug-n-play! A couple of years ago I had the speakers replaced due to some buzzing and crackling. All was good until a few months ago and then I noticed that the only speaker that appeared to be working was the passenger side rear, the drivers side front is very weak. Wasn't sure whether it was the radio or the speakers. Secure the kit and radio combo using the supplied hard-ware (use the short screws, or longer screws if spacers I have the pioneer system not Nak. Ive changed the aftermarket radio in Hi there! I just bought a used focus hatchback 2010 that has the navigation multimedia system, but not the one with the touchscreen, just buttons. You can replace the Bose amps with an external, speaker-level 4-channel amplifier to drive new (non-Bose) door speakers and tweeters as well as new rear speakers. I'd like to install my Alpine head unit but the current owner mentioned to me that there is an issue with aftermarket stereos and the JBL subwoofer not working. It has the same plug and harness as original radio, totally plug and play. I liked the car, but I LOVED the stereo - I just spent $1100 on an aftermarket stereo for my Legacy (with a 40 watt RMS 4-channel Alpine amp driving component 6. Nice write up! He mentioned that if you remove the control panel board in the center console, the rear speakers do not work. i left the rear panel, you know, the one that everyone likes to play with when they are sitting in the back seat just to piss you off, yeah that one. Check with a spair speaker to see if your deck is working. the Bose luxury system. The reason the speakers are not working is because the factory amp will not work with aftermarket radios and Keep in mind, the rear sub will not work now. Thanks for your response by the way. THe front speakers on the base radio of our 2011 malibu quit working. If the new wiring harness between the radio and the old wiring harness is hooked up correctly, and you are not installing an aftermarket amp, you should be able to use the factory amp. The rear speakers are not working cause the car thinks there is a VES. Rear door speakers: The base audio system comes equipped with rear door speakers that resemble 6. If the factory Bose® amplifier is not being used, use the OS-2 interface. Remove the screw behind it. Also if the stereo output circuits are starting to go on it that can cause speakers to work off and on. All in all it took about a week to do working a couple of hours each night. • Use 8’ of 18 to 16 guage speaker wire to lengthen both pairs of green and purple wires from new radio. If your just looking to add subs theres no reason to install a full headunit just for that. I always thought blown speakers mean distortion, not absence of sound? if the radio is used check to see if the radio rear outputs are working. But the speakers on the front doors, which worked before are still silent. 3. we'll be running speaker wires from the head unit location to the right-rear  2. If the kit does not t snug between the radio mounting brackets then the optional spacers (included) may need to be used. I want to upgrade the fisher price style oem radio and 6 disk changer to a touch screen nav, but keep the rear entertainment center alone and stock. 5” or 6. Radio Quit Working. Now front speaks are not working. This is NOT for the DX or LX. I replaced the stereo with a new aftermarket unit but still no driver door speaker and the front passenger is intermittent. when I remove the harness for the rears  14 Sep 2018 Aftermarket Products, Reviews & Installation - rear speakers not working after aftermarket radio - Hello all! Im new to this forum and new to  8 Mar 2011 The rear speakers will not work because of the amp. Now with aftermarket head that's not an option. I bought the car with an aftermarket JVC radio and I knew before I seen the car the speakers wont be working anyway I bought it few month ago and only now just got round to having a look at it. There's a spare yellow plug but can't see where it goes. Insert the kit and radio combo into the factory radio open-ing from the back side of the inner fairing. Replacing your stock Z31 Radio with an Aftermarket head unit So you got your Z and want to listen to some tunes but your Stock Head unit is just not cutting it any more. I wonder if you were able to tap the audio signal for full range audio, can your installer link that signal into the back rear two 4" speakers (currently not working in SR+) and power them from the aftermarket amp, this could add more sound and give u 2 more speakers working Issues getting factory JBL amp to work with aftermarket stereo was very little sound to the rear speakers. Front speakers not working after aftermarket install no sound from the front speakers. All which was The van is not pre-wired. HUA radio adapter is not working with a compatible radio Here's a list of things to check when your HUA radio adapter isn't working properly with a compatible radio. I listen to the radio all the time and now I am unable to. This seems to suggest that the problem may be in the radio, and not just a bad connection to either or both of the right-side speakers. 2016 & 2017 PROMASTER REAR SPEAKER INSTALLATION . The others do not respond. You'll find a full-range speaker in each front and rear door, and your options for aftermarket speakers are nearly unlimited. Now my rear door speakers are not working. explorer continental owners library navigator panel speakers not battery computer about diagram working aftermarket located linda Virginie Tractors Wiring Upon raising' the sleeve plate from the block, I believed at last id had some excellent luck: even though all the pistons had broken oil-control rings, the racking up in the cylinder bores This aftermarket navigation system is specially designed to replace Mercedes-Benz CL(W215)/S(W220) factory radio. At the time, I thought either the radio became defective or the antenna amplifier died and needed replacing. i installed an interface along with the correct wire harness, and still the rear speakers are not working. (to speakers or head unit), a bad fuse or a short somewhere in the circuit related to the stereo Plug in the harness to the aftermarket radio along with the antenna adapter and the dash harness and clip radio in to the metal sleeve. At least, that's what I think I've observed. Radio works as do the front speakers, but that's it. make sure +and - are in the right terminal on the speakers. Install the radio into the opening and reinstall the dash. The speakers run from the AMP fuse (30 Amp) in the trunk compartment fuse block and the LEFT and RIGHT DELCO-BOSE relays in the trunk compartment relay center #3. Aftermarket speakers are four ohm. Average repair cost is $190 at 68,300 miles. In the pictures, you will notice the custom mount to hold the tweeters. 5s in the rear) and the HHR's stock stereo kicked my stereo's butt in terms of bass. Installer is scratching his head on this one. Seemed unusual that 3 of the 4 speakers would crap out. I hooked the blue wired up to the blue and white wire to my unit still no sound. Aftermarket radio not working properly after the car was returned from the auto body shop Hello, I currently drive a 2004 Lexus is300 with a Pioneer AVH-3600bhs deck with stock speakers and no separate amp. Even with a 4-channel amp, the car still has to be re-wired to the amp which will work, and will sound much better than just powering the speakers off the radio itself. make sure antenna is plugged in or if you have a powered antenna make sure that remote turn on wire is hooked up. rear speakers not working. What i did was run a nice 10 guage wire from the battery to behind the radio area, then put in a relay that was activated by the original key "on" 22 guage wire, so when key is on, i have a good 12v source to run the alpine. The guy told me my sub-woofer behind the back seat wouldn't work with the new stereo which I said was ridiculous, then one of the other guys  5 Mar 2012 Just installed new head unit and rear speakers are both not working, my old aftermarket radio and noticed there was no sound from the rear  I had the problem on my 94 Suburban. It's a good idea to get speaker harnesses for your new speakers. 36, and 44 in the rear fuse block (in the trunk, next to the spare tire). However, if I am not mistaken, there would also be a way to wire them to create a 4 ohm connection. There are different requirements for the ProM adding rear speakers depending on the radio that the vehicle is equipped with. I just installed my new double din Head unit AVH 100dvd and the rear speakers are not working. What exactly caused the amp to blow? Especially since it worked great before. that used the oem head unit are now working without the oem head unit? JL Audio C5-650 speakers ('93-94 Three Bose Speakers, '95-96 Five Bose Speaker System) '85-92 Auto Radio Removal m Rear Bose Speaker and Amplifier Removal* '82-84 Auto Radio Removal m: Chevrolet Camaro Car Radio Repair CD player inop, will not accept and play CD's Bose Amplifier Repair Speakers snap, crackle, pop, sizzle or squeal . If I force the balance either all the way to the left, or the right, the individual rear speaker will have Bass, when they are both supposed to be working no Bass. When your radio was manufactured, the manufacturer used a solder that was not up to par. any suggestions PLEASE HELP:confused: Left and Right Rear ("full" range signal) It sounds like a failure caused all but the front tweeters and perhaps center speaker to go out. Is it possible to buy an aftermarket radio from store in order to replace the audio only function of the OEM radio? Is it hard to do this? Thanks hi ive just took out my standard audi concert headunit, and tried to put in a pioneer headunit, however the rear speakers are not giving out any sound! i took it to the nearest car electronics, and they said i needed a pc9404 adaptor lead, (3 way plug) which they tested for me before i purchased it, and that gave out a little bit of sound, but not much. If you change to 8 ohm speakers, the problem will probably go away. I checked the connections to the speakers and all are good. 75” aftermarket component or coaxial speakers. Is it possible to run the factory speakers by disconnecting the amp? Im basically in a position where I bought this car and the radio was removed due to the previous owner having a aftermarket stereo that he wanted to keep. The stock radio doesn't know if you have aftermarket speakers or not, so there isn't any way to turn it off. I put in an aftermarket radio in my 04 Nissan Titan and noticed that my back speaker wires were cut so I put splice them back together I'm redoing my radio in my truck. "The CHYRVD was not created for that vehicle. 7. Radio / Sat Nav Faulty / Inop; Ground Loop? peugeot Audio Fault; 3008 phone mirror This diagram is ONLY for the SC, EX, and EX-P with the factory double-DIN radio, amplifier, and subwoofer. Speaker Installation . The Bose unit does not have the rear speaker outputs activated (I verified this on my own 4H60), though there might be some way to activate them (and the fader function). [/quote] Matt, thanks again for your help. Hogtunes Rear Speaker Harness For Harley Touring. The Radio Interface Module (RIM) rear of the car behind the back seat and runs from the RADIO/PHONE fuse. Also, is your steering wheel controls not working? And do you have an aftermarket radio installed? Putting a Street GLide radio in an Ultra Classic and I need to turn on the rear speakers, does it have to go to Harley or is there a way for me to do it? Reply; John J Adragna August 11th, 2018 . You were correct in that the VP came with just two front door speakers, and wiring for the rear- but no rear speakers. You can have an aftermarket head unit up from but the factory radio must also be connected in the trunk or else nothing will work right. One Speaker Not Working or Distorted - This is probably a bad speaker. To be more specific, are the rear speakers permanently tied to the rear seat video. Sure enough it worked. Repair estimates The Base system's wires can be tapped behind the radio, or with less effort by using the wires going into each of the front kick-panel speakers. 5" speakers in the dash, 6x9 drivers in the doors, and 6. I hooked a front speaker to the rear wiring and it worked. It provides Installed Aftermarket radio and IMID and Radio not working. The rear door speakers quit working on me about a month ago, and I can't figure it out. answers. When I try to use google maps with the radio unit it doesn't come through The largest 4Runner community in the world. Sales code BC3 (up fitter interface connector) is required regardless of the radio. 5" speakers in the rear deck. If you had sound before the spark, then it is most likely your amp. 207 radio help; Peugeot 107 Cd/Aux button on radio not working; Peugeot 207 S (2007) Subwoofer Install; Pioneer link to steering control; PLEASE HELP! Peugeot 308 Amplifier Issue! 206 stereo code; 207 Verve rear speakers? Boxer van radio change - help needed. By that I mean what I think should be "fade to front" actually fades to rear (even though I can't hear them), and "fade to rear" has the front speakers coming on. I am just simply trying to hookup a headunit to get it back to play some music. please i need help as i have spent enough on this van as it is. If you're having issues with your Mustang's sound system, there are a couple of simple steps to take to figure out what the problem is. the speakers and sub are the same ones as Bose head unit feeds 4 channels out. 00 online and tap into the rear 6X9 speakers. All the power windows do work fine. It's still only 4 channels of audio as far as the head unit is concerned, but the 3. Car Audio Amplifier Troubleshooting . I can make calls and receive calls. This is different than an amplifier that is in protection mode but it is related. The rear work ok. I cannot get sound out of my speakers but everything else turns on. No there is nothing wrong with the radio or amp it is the speakers themselves pull the door panel off there is one bolt holding the speaker mount in place at the top of the mount pull back with a flat head screwdriver then lift the mount up if you run aftermarket speakers cut the end of the plug of strip the two wires and wire the new speaker Walla the front speakers work again. What i tried is just connecting the rear rca to the rear speaker wires and magically it works. I'd say if the lower door speakers and rear speakers are working, PO did things right. However, I have 2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 10"s and a Kenwood Amp wired along with a Pioneer-AVH P5000 flip out head unit. First I need to get the rear speakers working. i just bought the alpine cda-105 for my 98 ram quad cab, wired everything up, double checked i had the wires correctly, hooked it up and only the rear speakers workwhat a feeling when you cant figure out the problem!i think it has the premium sound and the factory amp because there is a singe wire that clips directly onto the metal right on the factory radio. It is a 5 channel amp and will power your front component speakers, the rear doors, and the subwoofer. I think it is this wire that is keeping my center sub from working. Although it is possible for the wiring to the speakers to fail, it is not likely, especially to more than one door. Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Brown/White Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Yellow/Green The only way to install an aftermarket radio in these cars is to run wires to the trunk and actually have 2 radios installed in the car. if its not the wiring then i would think its simply bad channels on the head unit or bad speakers. front speakers upgraded but not rear doors yet How do you shop for speakers or speaker systems? Identify your needs in terms of sound reproduction on your speakers. There are four speakers two front and two rear. You have to tap into the rear door speakers. The first picture shows how the radio is basically wired from Honda. If you have the rear entertainment if you turn the rear on the speakers will go off so i does not interfere with using the headphones. I also bought the Scosche adaptor needed to hook up an aftermarket radio to the Bose speakers. I have read on other forums this might be the amp going bad. Also stations that should be strong are not. For over four decades, the Alpine brand has been synonymous with premium sound quality and innovation. Continue to remove the entire rear deck and side pieces using Car stereo only has 2 RCA cables on the back, labled for the rear. control Ultra models will require new wires installed for the rear speakers. Just installed an aftermarket stereo. You'll need to run a  30 Aug 2006 I installed a car stereo with CD player into my Sea Ray boat and when I have and has pre-out rca's on the back of it for front and rear, then use them. It will be useful when installing an aftermarket headunit, stereo sound system, new radio, or other automotive accessories. I found that the there is indeed an OEM amplifier installed for the rear door speakers. The CD player would come on but no sound from the speakers. Usually it tends to be the remote wire is not connected if the car is equipped with a factory amp. The bose speakers are 3 ohm I believe, so it would deliver more than the factory amp with cleaner sound as well. Both tweeters on each side still work. Excursion - King of SUVs - Rear Speakers Don't Work - I just read a thread by tdappleman about aftermarket radio installation. This tells the amplifier to put out the sound equally to all 4 speakers. I tried wiring front output to front input and rear output to rear input but then I couldn't hear phone calls over the speakers. I'm hoping its a loose wire or a quick fix and inexpensive. other aftermarket systems in peoples car whom dont use a sub/amp Hey guys, installed a aftermarket Radio in an 04 Impala and have NO SOUND. any suggestions? if i cant figure it out i will run new wires to the back. This will help you make the right purchase and not invest on unnecessary components. then you can run your subs off of that signal and still not loose your rears or the pocket under the stereo. Installing rear speakers; To install rear speakers, you usually need to remove the rear seat. rear speakers are fine. This adapter gives you access to your stock radio's built-in rear speaker outputs by plugging directly into the empty 35-pin socket on the back of the radio. Speakers not working please help. i'm guessing that's got Check the radio. On most cars, installing an aftermarket radio wouldn't be so difficult, but Acura's are not like most cars. also if i hook up the RF and LF speakers to the head unit does that also power the tweeters on my dash? I am having a problem with the speakers for my car stereo. I have checked the ground that i have hooked into the radio, i can actually disconnect it and still hear the noise. If the vehicle is equipped with a Premium BOSE system, connect the subwoofer and center channel RCA inputs to the aftermarket radios. If you want to go aftermarket I would recommend to go with an Alpine MRV-V500. I'd leave these out. one thing you could do is wire up any extra KNOWN WORKING speaker you have to the rear channels on the head unit. Seldom can I pick up a decent signal, however there is still some static. Use the panel removal tool to pry off the panel. 03 Passat GLS - Rear speakers not working. I still hear that electrical beep when I turn the radio on- it is weird. However my interior displays are 2010, I have the 2010 gauges, radio, and climate control. But I may be wrong. One speaker not working should be a speaker problem. rear speakers stop working on 2006 installed aftermarket radio I am having problems with my rear speakers in my 01 Yukon. 5" and 6x9 speakers share a channel on each side. From what Ive been reading if you hold the 3&5 on factory head it will mute the back speakers so they can plug head phones in. Some models have an OEM camera shown on the MFD. do u stick with the standard speakers or not ? because sooner or later the rubbersurround will break too the biggest aftermarket amps i've seen has 6 channels and do u have a headunit with build in amp, and do u want to use them? for the speakers in the back doors the quality is good enough the front speakers and subwoofers need an amplifier The 12 CD changer runs from the COMFORT fuse (10 Amp). But if the radio is not working. 2. just trying to save a little time! thanks in advance for any and all help! ok, figured it out. i left that unplugged so my kids cant changed the radio station when they are back there. Absolutely, if your rear speakers are out of phase they will definitely adversely I installed aftermarket speakers in my car. I just got a new aftermarket headunit and wired it the same way that twong82 did. Rear speakers don't work, neither does the radio controls on the steering wheel. If you have a Nakamichi system, this DOES NOT work as written. I am asking how to wire the OEM speakers with aftermarket amp and standard speaker wire, not the OEM wiring harness. Also, I swear that the "fade" knob turns the wrong way. The front speakers work. It turns out that the reason you hear faint sounds from the front speakers is because the tweeters are still working. The information DOES NOT pertain to your vehicle. The radio works, but when i turn on the A/C, or run the wipers, you can hear the electrical interference coming through the speakers. There is nothing to support it because the vehicle does not support it. I opened up the side door in the back, disconnected the speaker cable, and played some music from the stereo. Speakers: All Four 6. My Drivers front and rear speaker do not work until it gets very hot outside. I did a lot of work to get this work correct, lots of youtube and internet searches that resulted in incorrect wiring and not functioning correctly. e. 3) some aftermarket radios do not fit the space where the stock radio control head fits so installing the receiver requires metal or plastic fabrication skills, and 4) 90-96 Corvettes have audio systems in two different configurations, one for ’90-’92 and another for ’93-’96. Swapping the 460 HU for an aftermarket one is actually really easy, but you have to have the right harness. You can do this by swapping pins from the rear speakers to the front channel. They unpluged the amp and the smoke stopped but so did the sound. If your stereo does not have these connections, you will have to splice the wires into the rear speaker wires. I'm getting ready to buy a 2005 Toyota Matrix XRS with the JBL sound system. Maybe the front/rear speaker sets share a common ground. So the speaker seams to be ok. hi all, i just recently purchased an 01 ls. This is something you see with most luxury brand vehicles. Fading is not  Would definitely appreciate a guide for installing those aftermarket speakers in front and rear. It's just that center subwoofer that will not get power. (How to obtain harness if not present?). make sure fade is equal to front and back. Perhaps all four are blown, I don't know. I checked all my wiring connections and they are all good. take the radio out and find the wire labeled for the rear speakers, and connect some speaker wire to it, then to the speakers (they don't have to be installed). 5 speakers are some Aftermarket one's don"t know what brand tho. The new connector does not have additional wiring to bass speakers in foot well so audio only comes from the rear speakers and the tweeters in the doors. The assumption was that it was a bad speaker and he wanted to know how to test it. Re: Rear speakers not working Thought mine was amp. An aftermarket 4-channel amp won't 'plug n play' with the BOSE amp wiring. Perhaps the speaker wire grounded out sending the radio into protect mode. Here is the problemplain and simple. I used Metra TYTO-01 by connecting the Metra RCA to the HU's front speakers works fine. 4. I tapped the wires behind the radio because I wanted to keep the fader functional - (i. If you are using a wiring harness that might not be so easy to do. took bags off to have tires replaced. Please help me Though car stereo speakers are easy to install, they aren't always easy to operate. Acura: Aftermarket Sound System Modifications. About 4 The rear speaker outputs of the aftermarket radio are not used. more than likely those speakers are probably blown. There are usually two clips to pop off. I tried connecting the Metra's RCA to the rear but there is no sound. I'm talking about the stock radio having some filters on the sound to keep you from blowing the stock speakers. Well most of the time you have to figure out what you are working with in order to fix the problem. 25" rear speakers and checked the connection for the 8" speaker on both ends (at the speaker and from the For rear fill, we installed the same Audison AVK6 package in the sound bar. Has anyone here purchased the LX trim level and installed an aftermarket satellite radio unit? How is that working out for you? It's not so much cost that I'm concerned about as having clunky accessories or wiring strewn across my dash. Do you know what colors left front, right front, left rear, & right rear wiring is? I will refer to those speakers If you do not have Bose Premium Sound, here is the Amp they're talking about. If I use the fader control, nothing comes out of the rear speakers at all. If not, you're going to need a particular wiring harness. If it is, then the problem is in the wiring to the car and you mmost likely need another adapter. Use zip ties to secure wires to frame. The radio works and you can hear the DVD playing perfectly but the screen stays black. If you are looking to replace your Acura's car stereo, click here for our collection of in-depth removal and installation videos for every make and model. Your owners manual tells you how to do it. Nevertheless - I could tell when the system was working because of that noise. the radio on I'm getting no OK first thing, please do not go to halfords. DVD Screen Not Working I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT that is in great shape. I then reinstalled the factory radio and the front and rear doors starting working again. Seems to not fit correctly in the dash (too deep) speaker for stereo radio applications. 9. For those of you who switched out the Alpine radio. After leaving the sellers city, 350km later in my home town, I brought in a friend I the back seats, and he immediately notices that the rear Speakers I do not recall if the rear spearkers worked when we bought it. ) The J30 radio is the same as the Nissan Maxima for that year; just make sure you select Maxima with Bose system. try the speakers in a different car to Troubleshooting Car Audio Speakers . got a alpine amp to power the rear speakers and they still didint My inlaws asked me to install a kenwood head unit in their car with stock speakers and the result was the same very little low end music. The wiring for the rear door speakers is contained in a harness containing a group of color coded wires located underneath the door sills. The inclusion of ever increasing technical features makes it harder and harder to change things without messing with something else. if it works, then the problem lies between rear door speakers don't work w/ aftermarket radio in 94 suburban how do you make the rear door speakers work with - Chevrolet 1994 Suburban question Smooth Pulls Cold Glue and Traditional PDR Glue Pulling Tutorial - Duration: 13:14. I now have 4 working speakers. These In addition, we provide custom mounting brackets that allow you to install 6”x9”, 6. ( As well as other issues) but want to resolve the sound first. After just replacing the front and rear speakers with two sets of $139 Polk Audio speakers, it already sounded a lot better just running off the power the new Pioneer aftermarket deck put out. A couple days later the rear doors starting working also. • Route wire under fuel tank and seat. I discovered that the rear speakers were not working when someone in the back wanted louder music than the driver prefered after messing with the fade. There are no tweeters in the rear doors. There are only two wires in your car’s audio port which will control your car’s front two speakers, so after connecting these two wires with XTRONS head unit speakers’ wires, your car’s two rear speakers won’t have Since 1967 52 Years of Sound Dedication. For instance, it could be as simple as a blown fuse if the display doesn’t come on, or it could be an antenna problem if the radio part doesn’t work but other audio sources (like CD players) do work. Rear speakers with radio only seem to have too much base almost distorted, even with volume turned down. Your stock radio no matter how high the options were, did not play DVD or send a video signal to the rear screen. I have taken out the old stock radio to replace it with a JVC radio model number KD - g400. When I remove the positive terminal on the right front speaker and reconnect it, all of the speakers come on. An aftermarket install kit will give you the plastic backing plates and metal brackets to mount any single DIN stereo or radio. I then reinstalled my aftermarket radio and When replacing the speaker I left the radio on and the new speaker fixes the problem. Please, please, please, I beg of you, DO NOT follow anything said in the below post. Guess they have been out for a while and I just did not realise it. I am not quite sure about the amp in the boot, but i think yes its standard, no changes, so it must be there. com, Wiki. If you believe you have everything connected properly but the amp doesn't turn on, or if there is no output, these steps should help you My 99 Suburban has 8 speakers. So if sound is emitted through a few speakers and only one or two are not coming on, then the wiring to those speakers may have been damaged. I have no doubt at all that they will not know the cause of the problem and will try to sell you a new head unit which will probably not rectify the problem. Good day all, I am going to share my experience in installing an aftermarket radio on my 09' RT that had the factory 130. A blown speaker may simply be very quiet, or may not work at all. The stereo head unit is well integrated and part of the stylized dash all Minis come with. This article will help you get the most out of it by showing you how to replace the speakers and how to fix the bass drop off on your rear speakers. they then told me you may need a PC9401 Dash, front door, rear door I have changed out the speakers to better ones and am trying to bypass the factory amp altogether. So far I have simply bypassed the factory amp and connected the speaker level wires from the radio to the new front speakers as a Hi guys. This is what I would do given the information! Some wiring in cars do not hook directly into aftermarket stareos. One thing then can also cause it is a dirty switch , also the next time say one front speaker or both go out turn the volume up quickly see if suddenly the sound seems to Not really a high priority, but I was reading something that made me remember that my rear speakers and left rear tweeter are entirely dead, only the right tweeter is working in the back. Remove the speaker and hook up a known working speaker to the location for testing purposes. one that had the correct GMOS1 for 1996-2002 GM vehicles with on star and no bose. if it is a pioneer radio make sure that rear preouts are set to full and not sub For whatever reason, it is not uncommon for the radio speakers to quit after either a battery change out or an alternator replacement. pcm located not continental speakers battery sub aftermarket town navigator fuel diagram heater working explorer rear engine fuse manual linda Virginie Tractors Wiring Upon raising' the sleeve plate from the block, I believed at last id had some excellent luck: even though all the pistons had broken oil-control rings, the racking up in the • Also applies if your bike is not equipped for rear speakers. You likely have 6 speakers in your car, even if its the base audio package. Is their a fix for this or have I got the wrong adapter. Whether you are interested in audiophile-level my radio is on but there is no sound from the speakers - I was driving and my radio just went dead in the middle of a broadcast. Recent Impreza, WRX, STi, Forester, and Crosstrek models with the new dash design have a Multi-Function Display (MFD) at the top of the dash, above the head unit and A/C vents. The rear speakers work fine, but if I fade all of the way to the front, there is a very low sound Front Speakers Quit Working (joint, car radio, truck, aftermarket) - Automotive -Sports cars, sedans, coupes, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, tickets, dealers, repairs, gasoline, drivers Ford Mustang V6 and Mustang GT 1994-2004: Sound System and Radio Diagnostic Guide. I have a 1999 yukon denali with RPO code Y91 I completely removed it cause I think they are crap. My dad suggested replacing the speakers, but I'm not even sure that would fix it, because of all the blown speakers I've ever seen, I've never seen them so The audio does not work on my OEM radio but I'd like to keep the radio intact (it matches the car's interior and all the other functions work). Of note, when everything was working, there was a faint hiss from the speakers whenever the car was on, even with the radio off. Best Answer: The Vw golf mk4 didn't come with four speakers as standard if you have the Gamma radio you will have to replace the radio with the beta and install 2 rear speakers plus install wiring from the radio harness plug to the rear doors as this was also not fitted. It has something to do with removing the power from the computers before the electronics have gone to sleep. Speaker not working in 2005 Corvette C6 along with the 5. When looking at speakers and amplifiers, do not look at the peak power. rear amplified speakers will NOT have sound. I had no issues with my radio or speakers for months. So I offer this how to in effort to help the next guy/gal that needs help. Radio works, but no sound thru Speakers I had a similar problem with my 06 LR3 about 7 weeks ago on my radio where the cd, ipod input, and bluetooth all worked thru the speakers, but the radio would not work. apparently it HAS to be plugged in for the rear speakers to work. What seems to be the problem. another ford engineering design by Jerry's Kids! If you do not get voltage at the rear speaker then you'll want to remove your head unit and make sure the channels to the rear speakers are putting out a signal. All are good. I will hear a loud pop/crack noise and then my speakers stop Make sure that the k-line is not connected to anything if you have an aftermarket radio! Note: 2002+ "Premium VI" Radio: Some 2002 and newer VW's come with the double-DIN "Premium VI" radio. if he had a factory amp, then none of his speakers would be working not just the rear. so, i unhooked everything and tried to simply re-hook the rear speaker (that i had spliced for the LOC), but there is still no signal from either of my rear speakers. Check out these options that can help improve the overall listening experience in your Acura. When you switch to an aftermarket HU, the MFD will continue working as before. If rears are working, a simple test would be to remove the radio and wire the rear speakers to the front channel. @hitbychance I am going to take it down to car toys see what they say. And installed after market amp HU and speakers including sub of course. I checked the rear outputs coming out of the stereo and they're good as well. Scosche VW03B • Wire Harness to Connect an Aftermarket Stereo Receiver to Select 2002-Up Audi/BMW/Volkswagen Vehicles • In-Dash Car Radio Harness That Plugs Into Factory OEM Radio Plug • For Select 2002-up Audi/BMW/Volkswagen Vehicles • No Cutting Wires • Converts Colors To Aftermarket Standard / GMC Sierra Car Stereos and Speakers Find car audio products that work with your GMC Sierra To shop for the stereos, speakers, and other products that work with your specific model, click "Choose your Sierra" below. May 1, 2016 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: You may have the wrong adapter, or it is not wired correctly to the amp. Your car has a completely different OEM radio harness than that pictured, and spending money on the harness referenced below will be nothing but a waste. 5L Outback are no working, I messed around with the fader to make sure. Restoration projects may call for replicas of original classic car stereos, radios, and speakers or may use original stock parts with AM radios, AM/FM car stereo radios, radio receivers with cassette decks, and systems with analog dials. The standard DeLorean speakers are located in the dashboard and rear side trim. Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > 3rd gen T4Rs > New aftermarket stereo- rear speaker power problem If you're looking for bass, most Chrysler/Infinity 6x9s are capable of more of it than many similar-sized aftermarket speakers. 0. 5” speakers. So the question is, does this have something to do with rear seat entertainment. Right now, I have a blue remote wire that says "Woofer Power" on it coming out of the head unit harness. I have a standard sedan speaker setup. Anyways its just a good reason to upgrade from the crappy paper speakers. I have synced my cell phone to the truck via blue tooth. in custom enclosures in the footwell and parcel shelf, and install a subwoofer and amplifier for your aftermarket sound system. Plug in the harness to the aftermarket radio along with the antenna adapter and the dash harness and clip radio in to the metal sleeve. If all set the fade and balance all the way for the front speakers you can barely hear them. I have a 2007 GMC Sierra ext cab doing the same thing. Rear speakers can be added to aster. I have been using aftermarket speakers powered by the factory pioneer amp fand headunit or years now with no problem. This problem is known as cold soldering. Not to discourage you!!!! I actually enjoy doing this And I removed, rplaced and re-wired as neccessary. I am not from UK, border of france/belg, its a bit expensive here and also i want to do it myself. If the amp is not working correctly, you have two main options: 1. Only my rears are working. Again e38. Here is the audio stereo radio wiring information for your 2007 Ford Explorer with the standard or amplified systems. 5. So - I noticed that there are no rear speakers playing. Furthermore, the interior of the MKII MR2 is small enough and causes enough reflections that I don't think you need separate rear fill speakers. My rear speakers in my 2002 2. I ended up buying 2 pairs of 6-1/2" round Pioneer speakers from Best Buy, for $75 total. Everything on and in it works great except the DVD screen will not turn on. Occasionally, we may not have a specific bypass harness available for a vehicle. When I first bought the car, the front speakers didn't work and I though make the wiring was to blame. I have a 04 trailblazer ext version i had factory radio non bose and my rear speakers stopped working thought is was my radio wife bought be a kenwood hooked it up and still no rear speakers BUT on warm to hot days they work ior sometimes just the left one works or just the right and sometimes they all work. it has an aftermarket radio installed. No matter how recent your new car audio installation may or may not be, many issues can crop up, such as sound cutting out, being distorted, or not working at all. I asked if I bought an aftermarket radio, even an OEM radio off ebay if they would just install that. Installing a radio, speakers and amplifiers can be time consuming so I suggest taking your time to do it (12 hours for perfection. Not sure if it would effect anything but a few days ago I did go through a car wash that wasn't not a so, i tried to run an LOC from my right rear speaker and once i got my amp and sub all hooked up there was power to the amp, but no sound from either the sub or the rear speakers. The radio wiring in your Maxima is very similar to the Nissans of this generation and year range. 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner Front Door Speakers. There is a fuse for the factory radio though but if it blew chances are your aftermarket radio wouldn't  When you upgrade to an aftermarket radio, you'll find the sound is Will my handlebar controls and automatic volume control work? pre-1996 bikes and the rear on 1996 and later and does not require modification to the factory mounting setup. You'll find 6"x8" speakers that fit right into the factory speaker locations, and you can also drop 5-1/4" speakers in there with the help of adapter plates. The stock locations are very close to the seats, and speakers mounted behind you can cause problems in terms of imaging and overall sound quality they're not set up carefully. With the fairing cover off, HUA adapter removed: Here is the audio stereo radio wiring information for your 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser with the standard or JBL system. If it happens when you're not around, and the guilty party isn't willing to fess up, verifying blown speakers takes a little work. Also, the door chime no longer works. Car Audio Speaker Problems . End of story Best Answer: maybe the wire to the rear speakers is cut somewhere. I'll definitely keep an eye out. Also, by using the front outputs from my headunit, I can still hear calls via Bluetooth. I'll let you know what they say. The answer was, that I has been moving a heavy object in the trunk a few days before, and it must have bumped the rear speaker wires in the trunk. I do not have the rear factory subs hooked up yet though, could this be a problem? Thanks. I would take the back speakers out and ohm them out on a meter, they should read 4 ohms if anything lower than 4 ther prolly blown. So I know the rear speakers are amplified and thats why its not working so I was just wondering would a PC9-401 cable solve my issue? Factory Harley Radio Integration Secrets for ‘14 & Up It is very possible to get great sound out of your ‘14 & up factory Harley radio. 2000 Jimmy Turn signal sound in speaker AND back fade not working: BZZZ: 1: 2018-03-14 23:24: Rear speakers don't have full sound until I toggle pre out The problem is that satellite radio is not offered on the LX. The term head unit in a car stereo system used to refer to a 'tape deck' or a CD player type head unit often has a built in amplifier that can drive speakers directly. So here's the problem: my rear speakers aren't working. When I pulled the aftermarket radio, I found that the original am/tm stereo was still hooked up mounted up and down behind the cup holders. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Need an aftermarket front dash speakers and don't like it. But 03F150MrSBF makes a good point, make sure the Why my front speakers are not working in my 2006 Honda Civc EX? 2006 honda civic EX: Front Tweeters & Rear are fine. Enhancing the stereo in your Acura is not as hard as you may think. Everything is working good. front, left , right, and rear , left,  Here is a guide and a wiring diagrams to help us get the problem fixed. The 2007 Chevrolet Silverado has 19 problems reported for speakers not working. But the fact that the rear speaker would come on at all suggests that the radio is not going into protection mode, but that there connections to the speaker are bad. Sub woofers and Amp work fine but only bass out of new rear speakers? 12 Jul 2019 Illustration of a person in a car with speakers not working either get by with your head unit's internal amp or install a new aftermarket amp. I dont care if they see whats on the nav unit. The trigger wire for the AMP is pink at the wiring harness. I also used the signal off the factory amp for the front door speakers. Complete kits that include 2 different tractor harness a housing and the ST 1000 radio above. Now for the rear speakers you are going to have clearance issues for  16 Oct 2009 Speakers & Subwoofers - Aftermarket head unit/factory sub problem - So, i just put a Kenwood HU in my truck and it has the factory subwoofer  25 Feb 2012 Those work great. Not a sound from the back. If so, that would mean the radio is probably wired OK. I took the car to a local car audio shop that told me it may be the internal amp inside the radio that went bad and would cost me about $250 to repair or I could install an aftermarket radio underneath the existing radio where the cubby is located for about $160 or I could have opted for an aftermarket radio where the original is for about $375. After doing so, you will need to remove the weather stripping in order to take off the rear panel. They're all stock factory speakers, and I have an after market CD deck. I bought an aftermarket radio and it is doing the same thing This noise remains, whatever position the L/R or Front/Rear speaker controls are moved to. A question often asked is how to troubleshoot a car audio amplifier that is not working. I reviewed all 543 posts of Luke's Radio Wiring and amp bypass thread. I replaced my brothers factory head unit a few weeks ago and now his rear speakers are not working. Every other speaker works perfectly, the radio works, the navigationall of it. Explore the passion and dedication behind enhancing your drive. An auto radio system never sounded so good (to me). Plus, I was unsure of how Uconnect would work if you removed the buttons on the radio that were used to activate/initiate the command system, and I have read a few places in forums that say trying to retain Uconnect features when using an aftermarket radio was a headache and not recommended as you have to use one or the other, they cannot be Volvo XC90 Aftermarket Stereo Installation If you haven't installed an aftermarket stereo into a Volvo XC90, then you may find this car audio tip helpful. To do the swap I had to buy the JVC radio harness and the harness to switch from stock radio to aftermarket radio for the truck itself, after everything is hooked up properly I cannot get sound out of my speakers but everything else turns on. Other common issues with the Camry's stereo system is that the speakers are not functioning, or only the tweeters or bottom speakers are working. The PAC wiring harness instructions say to wire the front outputs to rear inputs to allow for Bluetooth call to be heard. You will lose the XM/DVD and rear console option when the factory radio is replaced with an aftermarket radio. AND, the rears do NOT have tweeters. Radio not so good. I assume though the display would indicate it is on protect mode and you probably would not have working rear speakers (assuming the rear speakers do work). Were you able to put a meter on the rear speakers and get a reading? Typically most HU Amps will not support a 2 ohm speaker. The stereo removal is pretty easy if you need step by step direction for removal I will post a link bellow. Do you still keep the factory fader working? Im not sure on the best way to do this as I have the door speakers and amp in trunk. I hooked a new stereo head -everything worked fine, including the rear door speakers and the back  A Crutchfield editor installs a new car stereo and tests the factory amp Hint: if you want the best sound from your new stereo or speakers, the extra work it takes 2-way speakers mounted directly into the factory brackets in the rear doors. Left side speakers not working . I don't see my specific question addressed, there are lot of explanations of how to wire the speakers using factory wiring after removing the factory amp. There are 3. The rear speakers are amplified, the signal into this amp is taken from a low level output on the headunit. aftermarket radio rear speakers not working

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